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A fun little quiz!

Came across this Bucket List Quiz on Facebook and we decided to fill it out.  Please comment with some of your bucket list items!! 

1.  Fired a gun: Kristi and Leslie have both only fired at a gun range...Andrea and Steph said yes with no description...so careful hunting with those 2!

2.  Married: Andrea and Leslie are married, Kristi and Steph are not…all the single ladies, all the single ladies.

3.  Fell in love:  True love has alluded Kristi, but the rest say yes!

4.  Swam in an ocean: All yes's, but some of us don't love it.  Fish, seaweed, and other things that can swim up and touch you!

5.  Gone on a blind date:  Some great stories from this one!

  • Kristi said Unfortunately
  • Andrea-Yes – it ended in the fella having food poisoning, he locked himself in my bathroom and one of roommate came home late that night and had no clue what was going on and ended up hitting him with a broom because he was “intruding”.  I never agreed to a blind date again…
  • Just a yes for Leslie-apparently it was not traumatic!
  • Steph-Yes and I believe he was gay

6.  Skipped school: Kristi only skipped in college...the rest were not so specific!

7.  Watched someone give birth: Hard No's from Kristi, Leslie, and Andrea.  Stephanie: Unfortunately, yes

8.  Been to Canada: Andrea and Stephanie have been to Canada, eh.

9.  Been to Hawaii: Andrea has the coconut bra to prove it.  Kristi has been too, but no coconut bra!

10.  Been to EuropeKristi and Steph-yes, most recently to watch the Chiefs play at Wembly

11.  Been to Las Vegas: Yes, check out our recap!

12.  Been to Washington D.C.:  All have been-Andrea went in high school (we started singing on the subway and almost got beat up) and Stephanie saw Weird Al Yankovic in the White House.

13.  Been to Nashville:  Andrea and Stephanie have been.

14.  Visited Florida:  We love Florida...well Andrea would, but she went during Hurricane Erin and was super mad!

15.  Visited Mexico: Yes, another recap from our most recent adventure to Mexico!!

16.  Seen the Grand Canyon in person: Leslie and Stephanie have seen it's beauty.

17.  Flown in a helicopter: None of us have done this!!

18.  Been on a cruise:  Kristi and Steph have.  Leslie and Andrea are scared of getting sea sick, but would totally risk it for a fun cruise.

19.  Served on a jury:  Kristi: No, BUT I once made it into the final selection and ended up knowing the prosecutor - I was slashed real fast from that panel! Stephanie: Yes, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

20.  Been in a movie: None of us have done this either!  Unfiltered the Movie?

21.  Been to Los Angeles:  Andrea is the only one.  She lived there for 2 years.  Loved every minute of it, except for the working part.  

22.  Been to New York City:  All have been.  Leslie even ran the NYC Marathon in 2008

23.  Played in a band:  Varied responses here...Only in my dreams; Does Rock Band count?; Nope-probably for the best since I can’t sing or play an instrument!; School band!  So I’d say Yes.

24.  Sang karaoke:  Kristi and Leslie love to back up sing and shoop.  Andrea and Steph are the lead singers!

25.  Made prank phone calls: I’m pretty sure everyone did this before caller id was invented!  How hilarious is it to ask if someone’s fridge is running?? 

26.  Laughed so much you cried:  Yep, most recently at Mother’s in Georgetown

27.  Caught a snowflake on your tongue:  Isn't this required when you're a kid?  Yes Yes Yes Yes

28.  Had children: No-none of us have babies

29.  Had a pet: Yes-we all love our fur kids!

30.  Been sledding on a big hill: Is this really a question-we live in the Midwest!?!  More Yes's

31.  Been snowboarding:  Kristi and Stephanie are yes if you can call my falling down the hill with a snowboard on snowboarding.  Andrea and Leslie want to learn....maybe this coming winter?!?!

33.  Been water skiing:  Kristi grew up on a lake, so she has done lots.  Stephanie is also a water skiier.  Leslie is from the Texas Panhandle where water is scarce-so she is a no.  Andrea is also a no.

34.  Rode on a motorcycle:  Andrea, Stephanie, and Leslie all have.  Although-Leslie has only ridden on the back.  She crashed a scooter, so she's never allowed to drive one!

35.  Jumped out of a plane:  Kristi got to jump out of a plane twice in one day in Vegas.  Stephanie was with her, so they both have done it.

36.  Been to a drive-in movie:  Leslie is the only one who hasn't, but we plan a fun outing to one soon!

37.  Rode an elephant:  Well, Andrea didn't even know you could ride them!  Leslie rode at a fair with her sister and brother and Stephanie has also ridden one.  

38.  Been on TV: We are basically famous!!  

  • Kristi: Yes, I was one in a commercial for Discovery Zone. And, I've been on the news 
  • Andrea: Yes, I was a bit of a baller back in my golden years and was often featured on the local news. 
  • Leslie: Yes-I was in a local commercial as a kid and on the news for sports
  • Steph: Not specific, but my guess is Cops (Bad Boys, Bad Boys...Whatcha Gonna Do?  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?)

39.  Been in newspaper: Yes-all sports stars in our local papers! J

40.  Stayed in hospital: Leslie is the only lucky one who answered no (Knock on Wood!!).  Andrea indicated that her injuries/surgeries resulted from above baller skills.

41.  Donated blood: Kristi and Andrea both tried, but they wouldn't take their blood.  Leslie and Stephanie are good donating citizens.

42.  Gotten a piercing: Yes-all

43. Gotten a tattoo:  Kristi will get one if she ever makes the Olympics.  Andrea is a rebel and has tattoos.  Steph wants one.  Leslie is a Nope...with no plans to get one.

44. Driven a stick shift vehicle:  Leslie, Kristi, and Andrea have attempted.  If you want to call it "driving".  There were a lot of abrupt stops and stalling out.  Stephanie can do it though...so if we ever get in a situation where we need a quick get away in a stick shift vehicle, we are good to go.

45. Driven over 100 mph:  Leslie and Stephanie are rebels and totally have.

46.  Been scuba diving: No scuba, but Kristi has been SNUBA diving.

47.  Lived on your own: All have lived on our own.

48.  Got a speeding ticketAgain-some fun responses:

  • Kristi-Oh yes, Once got pulled over 3 times in one trip to New Mexico….but only got one ticket! 
  • Andrea-Yes
  • Leslie-Yes-more times than I’d like to admit!
  • Steph-Nope, they have to catch you…see #45 above!
Birthday Shananagins

Birthday Shananagins

Georgetown, CO

Georgetown, CO