The recent warm weather prompted some Saturday exploring in the Historic West Bottoms Business District in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  The shops and storefronts lining the streets are all unique and inviting.  The architecture adorning the streets is full of character.  Amongst the intrigue there is a sign only a fool could resist. 

Obviously we followed the arrow

Obviously we followed the arrow

Our next stop was a large, heavy door made of the finest mahogany embellished with two perfectly placed axes just daring you to venture inside.  We took a gamble, we had to see what was on the other side.


Once on the other side of the door we received a warm Lumberjack welcome into Blade & Timber, home to Urban Axe Throwing.  This place is great!  Simply take a few minutes to sign a waiver, which is equally responsible and alarming considering there are axes flying through the air.  Seems fun, sign us up!


Let the games begin!  We were escorted to our lane by a nice fella dressed in a sensible blue plaid flannel.  Similar to the ones shown here. He gave us some instructions which basically stated we should hold the handle (not the blade), throw the axe over our heads,  don't aim axes at humans, and be sure to wear closed toe shoes.  Got it.


Our view for the next hour and a half. Some of us may have missed the target more than others.  Hense the photo below.

So much flannel

So much flannel

Blade and Timber is Kansas City's Urban Axe Throwing Club. They are passionate about pursuing extraordinary experiences and sharing life with one another. The unique axe throwing experience is fun and casual. Whether you are looking to pick up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or simply find a reason to hang out with some of your favorite friends, this is the right place to enjoy an unforgettable experience.


There are cards placed at each lane with different games to play.  The variety of the games kept things interesting. 


We had a blast, everyone should check this place out.  According to Blade & Timber, Axe Throwing is a perfect way to celebrate special occasions, organize team building events, have fun with your friends and family, or meet new people through their open play and leagues.  You read that correctly, they now have Axe Throwing Leagues Monday nights and Thursday nights. 

All that axe throwing made us thirsty.  Next stop Siri told us to venture down an alley a couple of blocks away, just past the man wearing a hazmat mask.  Siri is such a jokester.   At last, our destination!


All aboard, The Ship.  We walked the plank to a cozy bar known for the décor, exotic snacks, and their embrace of diversity.  We knew we were in the right place.  There was not live music at 3 pm that Saturday but we hear once the sun goes down it is a different story.  We will be back to experience all The Ship has to offer. 


Cheers to another great adventure.  You never know what could be next?  Flamethrowers?  Snipe hunting?  Gator wresteling?  Just keep reading, there is literally no telling what adventure we will find ourselves in next. 


KY Derby Meets Pig Day at The K

We were Always Dreaming at the Kentucky Derby last weekend. We weren't exactly at the Derby but we were at Saddle & Sirloin which is the next best thing. Billy got into the festivities as you can see. He was channeling his inner jockey when he drove us to the club. 


Upon arriving at Saddle & Sirloin we were greeted by the hosts Kristin and Kent Beyer...and Mint Juleps.


The Mint Juleps were aggressive, as they should be. We enjoyed one in the spirit of the Derby. Next our favorite bartender Patty served us up another cocktail that was new to us. Cue the Seelbach; a glamorous blend of bourbon, Cointreau and bitters all topped with champagne. So basically bourbon with a champagne floater. Right up our alley. It was enjoyed by all.

The best part of the Derby party was the hats. Stephanie had a slight misfortune with her hat, luckily Maureen shoved a toothpick in it and she back in business. 


Stephanie and Kristi made a new friend, turns out they were rubbing elbows with the brother of the owner of the company where they work. Well Steph doesn't work there anymore but she did for about 13 1/2 years.  Turns out KC is just a small town!


Kristi and Leslie had the hot hands, they picked the 2nd and 3rd place horses. Cash money!  They weren't horsing around...wink. Always Dreaming quickly overpowered the field and went on to win the race by 2 1/2 lengths.  Both Lookin At Lee and Battle of Midway had great races! 

All of this excitement called for a delicious dinner, wine and our jockey chauffeur.  


What better way to spend the day after drinking bourbon than at the Royals game! It was time to finally breakout the World Market Pig Grill and embark on one of the most exciting tailgate parties of all time. Such an epic day brah deserves its own hashtag: #PigDayAtTheK. 


Bobby and Billy were even invited! Thanks to the Misejkas for sharing their tickets, we had an awesome day.  The sun was shining, the beers were cold (even the tiny Leinenkugel) and the seats were fantastic. 


 All in all last weekend was quite the adventure. From the KY Derby to the Pig Day At The K we shared lots of laughs and of course made our own adventures. 


Until next time! 


We still did not escape!

Happy Friday Friends!  Who's ready for the weekend?  I love the new Boulevard pints...I mean, who doesn't Thank Boulevard It's Friday??  We tried several new spots last week and attempted to solve a mystery to escape a room again.  


Andrea and I (and the rest of the fam) tried to figure out the casino mystery to get out of the room at Breakout KC.  We started off strong with Andrea nailing the first clue and then went downhill fast!  I don't want to spoil the game, but I must admit that I was absolutely useless!  I don't think I figured anything out!!!  The game master did tell us we were really close to being done...only like 20 more steps to figure it out!  You may remember another failed attempt last year...apparently these are not our forte!  


Things we are good at-happy hour!  Kristi, Steph, and I met Steph's sister Mariah at Stagecoach Tavern.  It doesn't look like much from the outside because it is in a strip mall, but the inside is really cute.  And they had a great Horchata Stout and it was a crowd favorite.  Not too sweet with great hints of cinnamon.  


We also caught up with our good friend Holi over dinner at Plate.  After reading the reviews, how could we not check this place out? "plate. is so modern and stylish that you'd never guess it's housed in a 100-year-old building. Owners Christian and Andrea Joseph rewired, repaired or rebuilt almost everything in the space to make it sexy enough for date night, casual enough for family dinner and convenient enough for happy hour." - FEAST Magazine


Kristi arrived first and got the scoop.  The dining room is TINY right now, but they are expanding into the space next door soon.  Upstairs is a small, but elegant space with a cool modern vibe and the basement is a beautiful European inspired wine cellar (group pic above).  Apparently they do events once a month-alternating food event and drink event.  The restaurant also does thirsty Thursday and offers half price bottles of wine.  We missed it by one day!!  I have a feeling we will be back!!  Since we were venturing out to a new place, we decided to try a new to us wine.  Nebbiolo is a full bodied red that was great while we waited for everyone to arrive and paired well with all of the food!

Entrance to the wine cellar

Entrance to the wine cellar

Found a new wine!

Found a new wine!


The concept is really cool.  All of the plates are very small so you can order several courses and share with friends or a date.  We had sprouts with pulled pork and it was fantastic!  The mix of flavors was so unique and delicious.  Crispy brussel sprouts, radish, rosemary fried cashews, soy honey, candied lime, pulled pork shoulder.  We also had the arancini-fried risotto-twist my arm!  

For the second course most of us tried the papparadelle with white bolognese.  Kristi ventured out and went for the tortellini-red pepper pasta, milk braised beef short rib, caramelized shallot, pan sauce, pistachios, smoked prosciutto, parmesan.  Again-these are super small portions so that you can try lots of things.  You definitely wouldn't order only a pasta (unless you want to leave hungry).  It was perfect for our group of girls...men would definitely need their own courses!

The osso bucco had the best reviews and was highly recommended by our awesome waiter.  It came with pureed truffle butter beans that paired so well with the espresso braised pork!  We surprised ourselves and went for the chicken as our other main course.  Bone in, crispy skin, and perfectly cooked!  It came with pickled peppers, squash risotto (so good), pear, fried broccolini, pancetta, lemon brown butter.  I never order chicken when I go to a restaurant, but this is something I would get again!


In case you were worried that we are falling down on checking off spots on the Winter Warmer passport, fear not!  Plate. is on it, so we got another stamp!

We hope everyone has a very merry unfiltered week!