We love to drink great wine, craft beer, and fun cocktails.  We can't wait to share the libations and celebrations with you!  Cheers!


We have broken down some of our local favorites and recommendations for options at each.

1.      Boulevard: Boulevard is an institution in KC and probably one of the most recognizable craft beers locally.  It is so fun to go to the brewery for tours or just to hang in the tasting room.  They also have a great patio.  Steph and Kristi both prefer the staple: Boulevard Wheat.  It is perfect for sitting out on a patio on a hot day!  Coffee Stouts are right up Andrea’s alley so she really enjoys the Early Riser.  Boulevard has begun adding delicious flavors such as the Imperial Stout X-Coconut which packs a big coconut flavor.   If you like higher alcohol content and a heavier beer, the Smoke Stack Series is sure to please!!  We also love Rye on Rye and Bourbon Barrel Quad, but watch out-2 of these and you are tipsy!! 

2.      Tom’s Town: Tom’s Town is a pretty new spot.  It is named after Tom Pendergast, a KC gangster.  They offer in house distilled vodka, bourbon, and gin.  They also offer tours and have a great Gatsby inspired bar area to hang out in before or after a tour…or anytime really!  We had a blast when we checked it out with some friends.   We were pleasantly surprised by the subtle flavors of the gin-it made for great cocktails!!!  Steph-our resident Old Fashioned connoisseur approves of their Old Fashioned!

3.      Manifesto: Manifesto is a fun speak easy bar in KC.  You access it through the alley and are taken downstairs to another time.  The drinks are hand crafted and delicious…one or two of these and you will be feeling good!  The Beautiful Red Bell is a gin based drink that is a crowd favorite!  All of us order this when we go.  If you are feeling very manly and adventurous, the bourbon based Smokin’ Choke will put hair on your chest!

4.      Double Shift: Double Shift is a small friends and family owned brewing co located in the Crossroads area.  We all liked the Abbey Dubbel best here!

5.      Border Brewing: Border Brewing is located conveniently next door to Double Shift.  It made for a perfect Sunday checking them out!  Border has more options and honestly better beer in our option.  They made a great combo of Imperial Coffee Stout and Chocolate Milk Stout that had Andrea very happy she is a beer drinker now.  We also enjoyed tasting all of the beers with the Campfire Porter and the Backyard Blonde Ale (for those that like a lighter beer) coming out on top!

6.      Enough about beer…let’s talk wineries.  Honestly, unless you like really REALLY sweet wine, Kansas and Missouri wines are not the best.  Or even good for that matter!  BUT going to the wineries always proves to be a great time!  Some local wineries include:

a.       Pirtle, Jowler Creek, and Riverwood are located in Weston, MO which is a small town North of KC.  There is a small ski area, several wineries, and a local brewery.  It is a great day/overnight trip.

b.      KC Wine Co (WEST Olathe, KS), Holy Field (Baser, KS), Somerset (Paola, KS), Stone Pillar (Olathe, KS), Aubrey (one we tried at the Overland Park Farmer’s Market-sorry Steph),   and Fence Stile (Andrea and Leslie know a guy who plays gigs here a lot…kinda fun for an afternoon) are located closer to the city.  All of these wineries have fun events and live music almost every weekend.  The sweet chilled wine can be great for hot summer days, so pack a picnic and check one or all out!